• Red Squirrels


  • Water Vole

      A Life With Water Voles

  • Tiger

    Words which describe all that I feel about this most wonderful animal. Majestic Regal Powerful Proud Captivating Hypnotic A “presence” held in great respect. A Radiance of Beauty. Patterned Symmetry.

  • Orangutan Sumatran


  • Snow Leopard


  • Polar Bear


  • Swifts

    My passion for swifts began when I was working with a wildlife rescue group and someone arrived with a small black bird they’d found on their patio As I cradled it in the palm of my hand it didn’t move, just lay there motionless, wings neatly folded, then blinked, once.

  • Basking Shark

      “I have designated the basking shark as the one species to attach my name to. Its the natural choice because I was introduced to its plight while on a pre season Football Tournament in the Isle of Man watching my beloved Port Vale play. The then Chief Minister took

  • Great White Shark – PF Test – Do NOT Edit

      What can I do? There are 16 million gardens in the UK and he way they are cared for can make a all the difference to the sorts of animals which are able to live there. For instance, sparrows, song thrushes hedgehogs and stag beetles were all common visitors

  • African Elephants

      Perhaps one of the world’s most emotive and iconic animals, the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) is the largest living terrestrial mammal, with the largest recorded individual reaching a massive four metres at the shoulder and weighing an impressive ten tonnes. The African elephant’s brain is bigger than that of