Just over a year ago I was sitting on the edge of a cliff path watching an
oil beetle take more than an hour of its short life to bury its eggs in
those parts of the path which had been worn bare.

During the time of this gentle contemplation and admiration I made a
list of the things I should stop doing in order to in some way come to
understand the life that had passed and to identify what I needed to do
in whatever creative energy remains to me.

For me it was an obvious and irresistible choice. Although I have been
involved for most of my life so far in many ways with animal and
environmental issues, I always feel it was never enough.

To remedy this perception we have set up No More Dodos a charity taking
a unique approach through sport and art to engage others in
understanding the problems of habitat loss and the species, both flora
and fauna, which it affects.

In recent years through ‘ Spirit of the Game’ we have won endorsements
from United Nations Peace and Sport and many other bodies like the PFA,
Race for Sport etc.

we want to do now is to start to harness the inspiration that
sport and art engender by inviting sports people and
artists to associate themselves with a particular species or

If you are involved in sport or art in
any way (e.g. individual sports people and clubs participating in
whatever discipline and at whatever level) we would like you
to join us in what we are endeavouring to do. All we need is

  • your
    choice of endangered species
  •  a
    few words saying why
  • a
    photo representing you 
  • a
    short biog.( More details in Play your Part
    on the website.)

You are amongst the very first people
to see the new website www.nomoredodos.org
The site will necessarily always be a work in progress, but we
want to hear from you about changes you might like to see.

Finally, if you would be interested in volunteering to be involved in
the development of the site and/or research on the issues please do let
us know.

Many Thanks


Geoff Francis

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