£8500 goes to save orphan elephants


The Enormous Elephant Art
 held at Lyndhurst Community Centre on 29th and
30th October was a runaway success with over £8500 going
to help save orphan elephants in Kenya and fund anti poaching

Heartened by the success the team are looking to coordinate a countrywide
art event which highlights the UK’s part in the Ivory Trade and to
inspire children in particular to become involved in saving Animals with
whom we share the planet. Plans will be formulated and released in the
new year.

All the participating artists have been invited to become digital
ambassadors on the No More Dodos site. If you are
involved in any type of Art or Sport we would like to extend the same
invitation to you. To see how easy it is please go to https://www.nomoredodos.org/become-an-ambassador/



The Exhibition was captured by Paul
The song Elephant’s Ghost was written by Glenn Ross and performed by him
with vocals by Estelle and Ava Walcott.





You can still buy a Sacred Elephant!

A number of products have been created featuring Geoff’s Sacred

Please do contact us directly via email if you
would like to purchase any of the items below to help raise funds:

Long sleeve t-shirt –  white  (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
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Short sleeve t-shirt – black (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Kid’s t-shirt – white  (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Posters (17″ x 11″)

Sacred Elephant mugs

£  7.50

Delivery is just £2.99 per order (no matter how many items) or £3.99 for
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Sacred Elephant by Geoff Francis
print from an original painting
Inspired by Heathcote Williams’ epic poem of the same name


David Attenborough was recently
quoted as saying that he believed that younger people at least were
reconnecting with
our blemished planet whose health is failing because they understood that
their own wellbeing is linked to that of the environment.
We have been asked to contribute some of our research and experience to
assist the making of this very important documentary Eating Our
Way to Extinction
which highlights how we can bring about the
most fundamental changes in our own lives to rescue all life on the earth.
Please do take time to look at the trailer below.