Here’s some links we think give a lot of information about some of the challenges our animal friends experience. Check them out.


A Third of Parrot Species Face Extinction
Why 70% of the World’s Seabirds Have Disappeared
British Trust for Ornithology – Volunteer Surveys


Photos of Fireflies:

Scientists Point to Pesticides in Culprit in Honeybee Die-Offs

Get Involved
Sow and Grow Wildflowers for the bees

Butterfly Conservation


Botanic Gardens International
The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation
Natural Resources Defence Council


Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative
The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
The Jane Goodall Institute
Lola ya Bonobo


Mongagay: Conservation & Environmental Science News
Focusing on Wildlife:
Urban Wildlife

Reverse zoonosis: Can you make your pet sick?
Grim Reaping
Explanation of the Figures in Grim Reaping
Hunting Threatens Hundreds of Animals with Extinction
The seven deadly things we’re doing to trash the planet (and human life with it)
Identifying species threat hotspots from global supply chains
African Elephant Losses
Soil, soul and society: Satish Kumar at TEDxExeter
Visionary Wild
Urban Wildlife Management

AAP Animal Advocacy & Protection
ARCAS Guatemala Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association
Big Cat Rescue
Birds-of-Paradise Project
Born Free
Care for Wild Africa
Centre for Biological Diversity
Conservation International
Defenders of Wildlife
Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement
Elephant Family
Endangered Species Coalition
Environmental Investigation Agency
Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
Jaguar Rescue Centre Foundation
LAGA Wildlife Law Enforcement
Living with Lions
Lion Aid
Lion Alert
The Mpala Research Centre & Wildlife Foundation
Nature Macaw Sanctuary
Northern Rangelands Trust
One Protest
Oxford Urban Wildlife Group
PAMS Foundation
People’s Trust for Endangered Species
Polar Bears International
Range Wide Conservation Program for Cheetah & African Wild Dogs
Rewilding Britain
The Rewilding Institute
The Rhino Orphanage
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Save Me Trust
Stand Up For Nature
Urban Wildlife Institute
The Urban Wildlife Working Group
The WCS Madagascar Program
Wildlife for All

VIDEO: Noam Chomsky: The Anthropocene Period and its Challenges
VIDEO: Jungle City – Saving the world’s endangered animals and their habitat
VIDEO: Why is biodiversity so important? – Kim Preshoff
VIDEO: PBS Global Warming The Signs and the Science
VIDEO: Disobedience 2016 Full Movie
VIDEO: Global Warming Do the Math – The Movie
VIDEO: The Solar Valley | Huang Ming – Commitment To An Entire Green World


The Encyclopaedia of Earth
The Deep Ecology Movement

Bristol Natural History Consortium
Ecology Project International
The Gaia Foundation
The Schumacher Institute
2 Minute Beach Clean