In societies throughout the world those involved in many fields of art have the ability to inspire us. As role models they have the potential to influence their fans in a positive way. We see the link between artist and the community to engage our emotions and connect us to a wider world and the issues that exist within in. We hope you’ll be inspired by the artists listed here who share our passions.

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Jan Mazzoni

I’ve always been a writer. From the angst-filled haiku I scribbled at my school desk I progressed to advertising copy for a New York agency, vegetarian cookbooks, short stories and serials that have appeared in magazines in the UK, the US and around the world.

Tally Koren

I adore lions and they deserve to be treated as kings and the fact that human want to use them for sport is very wrong beside all the many reasons that decreasing their number every year .

Carol Royle

" There is something about the elephant’s intelligence, its emotional intelligence - it’s ability to mourn, and it’s gentleness despite its size…that makes me adore it….And when mankind is also intelligent, with the potential for greatness and a fathomless facility for emotional intelligence, how is it that we have travelled


Anna was born in Hampstead but has lived in Dorset for many years.She works mainly from her imagination, drawing on the beauty and mystery of the sea, ships and boats of all kinds.

Paul Windridge

The Snow Leopard lives in some of the harshest conditions on Earth in Nepal, China, India, Afghanistan and Russia. Powerful, beautiful and solitary creatures, they are under threat from poaching, loss of their natural prey, and damage to habitat due to over grazing of domestic livestock.

Susie Laan

Truly magnificent animals in every way the Elephant has somehow moved me and they fill my heart, so I am on a mission it seems to help them. I love all animals, but if I concentrate on one perhaps I can do more.

Heidi Stephenson

"It sickens me to think of so many polar bears, mothers and their cubs starving and drowning as they try to cross melting ice sheets, and all because we won't give up flying, insane car use and insatiable flesh-eating habits. Life is worth so much more."

Tess Coleman

These gentle and intelligent great apes share 97% of their DNA with humans and are endangered in both Sumatra and Borneo. I am talking about Orangutans. Palm Oil plantations and logging have destroyed much of their habitat. I avoid any products with palm oil.

Heather Gibbons

Words which describe all that I feel about this most wonderful animal. Majestic Regal Powerful Proud Captivating Hypnotic A “presence” held in great respect. A Radiance of Beauty. Patterned Symmetry.

Anthony Bygraves

I am very mindful of all living things and sincerely respect their individual right to survive as we hope we will. I have adopted the humble Watervole as my nominated mammal to protect and I wish them well as a species and may they enjoy an unthreatened life ahead

Julia Wilde

My choice of endangered species is red squirrels. I first encountered one up close and personal at the age of three when I was feeding them peanuts, in Finland. I was running towards them and they were running away and I was upset. Then a kindly adult told me to

Nancy Cohen

They have such a deep set intelligent gaze, it feels like they know me better than I understand myself.

Glenn Ross

As a child I played at its edge, wary its roar , shy of it's breath. As an adult in awe of its power , its beauty, its extremes, a place to sit and ponder. The litter on its shores is treasure that I cannot pass, for every piece picked

Heathcote Williams

Heathcote Williams is an English anarchist poet, actor and dramatist. “Scourge of the establishment for 50 years”, author of best-selling book-length polemical poems including Autogeddon, Falling for a Dolphin and Whale Nation, which in 1988 became "the most powerful argument for the worldwide ban on whaling."

Beau Townsend

Beau Townshend is a free-lance SFX artist from Norwich, Norfolk with a BA Hons in the degree of Special Effects for Film and TV; majoring in animatronics, from Southampton Solent University.