Glenn Ross

Firstly I’m proud to be involved with No More Dodos and its followers .
I’ve been playing the guitar since the age of 10 yrs old. One evening my father came home from work and gave me a guitar saying ” There you go Glenn ! One of us is going to make it !”
I’ve been playing ever since . Several of my songs have been played on BBC introducing and other local and international radio stations. Songs from my latest album Almas’ Rainbow can be heard at

I’m choosing to be an ambassador for the Ocean . I have lived beside it all of my life . As a child I played at its edge, wary its roar , shy of it’s breath. As an adult in awe of its power , its beauty, its extremes, a place to sit and ponder.

The litter on its shores is treasure that I cannot pass, for every piece picked up is a life saved . A seabird a fish will live another day.

Listen to two of Glenn’s songs here

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