Heidi Stephenson

“It sickens me to think of so many polar bears, mothers and their cubs starving and drowning as they try to cross melting ice sheets, and all because we won’t give up flying, insane car use and insatiable flesh-eating habits. Life is worth so much more.”
Heidi Stephenson is a British writer and animal activist. Her poetry is regularly featured in International Times IT: https://internationaltimes.it/?s=Heidi+Stephenson and on US-based www.allcreatures.org.

In 2012 she guest-edited a special issue of Resurgence magazine, Animals: A New Ethics: https://www.resurgence.org/magazine/issue271-animals-a-new-ethics.html . She is currently writing a book about animals and the Bible, has a radio play in development and is the co-author of Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights on Playwriting, (Bloomsbury).

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