Julia Wilde

My choice of endangered species is red squirrels. I first encountered one up close and personal at the age of three when I was feeding them peanuts, in Finland. I was running towards them and they were running away and I was upset. Then a kindly adult told me to stand still and let the squirrels come to me. I followed this advice and was delighted when one did indeed immediately climb up my legs and onto my outstretched arm. It was a valuable lesson in life and cemented my love affair with animals generally and dainty red squirrels in particular. So sad that they are almost gone from England, reducing in numbers in Scotland and also now I hear reducing in the Baltic States.

I’ve been a commercial writer all my working life. I’ve used my copywriting skills to help raise awareness of the animal cause by doing pro bono work at times. The animal movement is dear to my heart and I am just embarking on personal project to write a book that helps raise human consciousness to what we are doing to animals, ourselves, and our precious planet.

If you’ve ever experienced emotional distress in your work with animals you may welcome the knowledge that there is a way forward to lasting peace of mind. The Journey® is a powerful method that works, even where other modalities have failed. It’s a form of guided meditation where you call upon your own inner wisdom to find true forgiveness, peace and joy in your life. And this is a rare opportunity to experience such profound liberation free of charge. As someone who has been involved in the animal movement for many years, I understand how deeply upsetting it can be to know that animals are suffering, and that such thoughts can take over your every waking moment.

My deepest desire is to offer The Journey to anyone who has worked with animals and is now suffering from the pain of what they witnessed, went through and maybe even caused themselves.

How The Journey can help
For the past two years I’ve been working towards becoming a Journey Practitioner. The Journey is a profound method of releasing and healing physical, emotional and spiritual issues – fast. Developed by Brandon Bays, best selling author of ‘The Journey’, she used it to heal herself from a basketball size tumour without drugs or surgery. For myself the results have brought lasting peace of mind, freedom from old ways of being, and renewed energy.

What’s involved
The Journey process is totally nurturing, supportive, non-judgemental and non-religious, though highly spiritual. It takes around two to three hours (though it often feels like just a few minutes). The process can unfold via Skype or in person. However, it’s recommended you read Brandon’s book ‘The Journey’ first for the background, and to view the process in detail at the end. For more information visit: www.thejourney.com.

A win-win result
All I ask in return for this deeply liberating work, offered absolutely free of charge (and you may need more than one session, with each valued at a minimum of £250) is that you allow me to use your story in an anonymous way. As a writer, I wish to help raise the consciousness of human beings to the way we treat animals on a global, devastating scale. Your story will help me do this with much needed compassion, in a way that engages new support, rather than repels.

Get in touch
It would be an honour to hear from you and to work with you to help you find inner peace. To find out more, please contact me at julia1wilde@gmail.com or on 07985 636340.

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