Sensei Daniel Kean-Cockburn

Being of Irish descent, I loved the mythology of ancient Ireland and the stories of the supernatural race of Tuatha De Danann.

My favourite stories involved the War Goddess ‘The Morigan’. Her symbol is the Raven.

The logo for my martial arts school Aem Hai uses the symbol of the raven. It was chosen as so many of my highest achieving students (both personally and competitively) are female. Hence the the War Goddess seemed an appropriate symbol. Her totem, the raven, seemed a subtitle way of acknowledging this.

Sensei Daniel Kean-Cockburn BSc (Hons)
CEO and Head Instructor Aem Hai Martial Arts School

World Silver Medalist 2012 Los Angeles USA

Former British Kick Boxing champion 

Ambassador for the Martial Arts Disability Association 

4 X Norfolk karate champion 

Norfolk Head of the World Martial Arts Council

4th Dan Black belt in shotokan karate

1st Dan toyama Ryu

Blue belt in judo

Blue belt in tae kwon do

Green belt jikeshin jiu jitsu,

2 tag white belt Gracie ju jitsu

1st kyu kobudu

Grade 1 foil

Grade 1 sabre

Grade 1 foil stage performance

Gold at club level judo

Higher Certificate in Counselling

Member British Psychological Society 2004 to 2008

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