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Dr Peter Finlay MSc PhD MIPI MBACP

Dr Peter Finlay MSc PhD MIPI MBACP is a scientist and computer forensic expert who has, in conjunction with other companies, developed many products and designs from industrial robotics to car alarms, and currently specializes in covert detection and security as a Member of the Institute of Professional Investigators. He is also an


Jacky Francis MA MSc UKCP MBACP is a Harley Street psychotherapist (under her professional name of Jacky Walker), writer, entrepreneur, business coach and mindfulness consultant, as well as Director and Business Manager for Bonobo TV. She has a long background in personal and social change, business systems and strategy, marketing, nurturing creativity

Geoff Francis BSc

Geoff Francis BSc is a Saatchi-shortlisted artist, award-winning photographer, writer, filmmaker, serial social entrepreneur and Creative Director of Bonobo TV. Geoff has a strong ethical and environmental grounding, plus a lifelong concern for animals – in the 80s he founded and ran Animaline for Linda McCartney, Carla Lane and Rita Tushingham, and is currently

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